The Clearview 750 Stove

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Maximum gross heat output: 13 – 15kw
Available in a choice of 7 colours
Two large Clearview double glazed doors
Optional top or rear 178mm (7 inch) diameter flue
Boiler options include: 10,000 btu (domestic), 27,000 btu (baffle) or 45,000 btu (wraparound)
Adjustable hinges and door catch to maintain air tightness throughout the life of the door seals
Solid brass removable door handle (also available in satin chrome)
Adjustable levelling bolts, for easy adjustment on uneven hearths
Takes up to 18 inch logs
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The Clearview 750 is the largest stove in the Clearview range and is the sister stove to the 650 stove, with similar features, but is larger and has a higher heat output.

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Some Clearview Stoves have boiler options, the smaller Pioneer and Vision stoves can provide domestic hot water.
The Larger 650 and 750 stoves can provide full central heating as well.
Boilers can be fitted to our stoves at any time; if your needs change you can change the boiler. If a boiler needs to be replaced in years to come, there is not a problem, most other stoves would need to be thrown away.
Outputs are dependent on fuel, installation and operation; all information is given as a guide only: specifications and products may change without notice.
Please note; Adding a boiler to a stove will cool the firebox and will impair clean combustion.
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