Clearview is the world's largest manufacturer of clean-burning, wood buring stoves and multi-fuel stoves, Bell Stoves Dublin is the sole distributor of Clearview stoves in Ireland.
Using a combination of traditional skills and state-of-the-art production techniques, Clearview designs, manufactures and distributes a diverse range of stoves from its UK base in Shropshire.
Clearview Stoves are renouned for their efficiency, value for money, and environmental friendliness.

The outstanding features of Clearview Wood burning Stoves include:

  • Energy efficient, wood burning stoves, multi-fuel stoves, various heat outputs available,depending on your needs, via the range of Clearview stove designs.
  • Available in 7 coloured finishes-Black,charcoal grey, honey glow brown, golden fire brown, mahogany, slate blue, conifer green.
  • Clearview Stoves all come with flat tops while three models are also available with a high or low canopy option.
  • Hot "air wash system" for really clean burning without fuss or pampering.
  • Independent up draught and down draught air distribution system for maximum response and control.
  • Refractory lining, promoting clean combustion.
  • Heavy steel construction – welded inside and out for durability and long life.
  • All wear and tear parts and are easily replaceable via Bellstoves, assessories for stove also available.
  • Another option is a plinth to enable log storage under the stove and improve the visual positioning of the stove within the available space.
  • Easy to light burn for long periods unattended.
  • Clearview stoves provide 5 times more heat with the same fuel as an open fire.
  • Clearview wood burning stoves produce less smoke and reduced ash deposits.
  • Large ceramic glass windows for full view of fire.
  • Some Clearview Fire Stoves have boiler options, the smaller Pioneer and Vision stoves can provide domestic hot water.The Larger 650 and 750 stoves can provide full central heating as well.
  • Boilers can be fitted to our stoves at any time; if your needs change you can change the boiler. If a boiler needs to be replaced in years to come, this is not a problem, most other stoves would need to be thrown away. Please note: Adding a boiler to a stove will cool the firebox and will impair clean combustion.
  • Outputs are dependent on fuel, installation and operation; all information is given as a guide only, specifications and products may change without notice.

For the specifications of the various styles of Clearview Stove, please consult the drop box above, located under Clearview Stoves section of the menu-bar.

For further information please contact Bell Stoves Ireland and we'd be happy to respond.

A Cautionary Note From Clearview:
Guarantees are void when stoves are supplied to third parties. Guarantees are only valid when stoves are sold direct to customers. If you sell to a merchant and there is a problem Clearview Stores accept no liability; the appliance will be treated as "second hand".
Please ensure only Clearview spares and accessories are fitted and sold to Clearview customers. Warranties are void and no liability can be accepted when non Clearview parts or accessories are used with Clearview Stoves. Life is complicated enough without adding another variable.