Heating season
23 September 2015
Heating season is once again upon us and here in Bell stoves it's all systems go. It's great to see how many people are now interested in a cleaner,more efficient, means of burning fuel throughout the year.

Below you will find some pointers for people as they start out on their search for the perfect stove.

  • As with so many things,you get what you pay for. Ask yourself what it is you want from a stove? Is it merely an aesthetic for your room and not specifically for the purposes of heating provision? Stoves can be a timeless piece of furniture in any space, however,if you require a longlasting, powerful,and efficient heating system, as well as pleasing design,you will pay more.
  • Is there a stove part replacement service available,as provided by your stove merchant?
  • What is the guarantee with your stove? Beware of buying off an unofficial dealer,the guarantee may not withstand, such is the case with Clearview stoves. (Bell Stoves is an offical dealer of the Clearview brand).
  • Your chimney is the engine of your stove.We recommend having your chimney examined, and in many cases,we recommend re-lining the chimney. This will help ensure a more efficient burn. Often what you save on not doing so, you will surely spend on fuel in the long run.
  • Whatstove.co.uk is an independently run website which will provide you with direct customer reviews on nearly every stove on the market. Here you can find undiluted feedback on your brand of interest.
  • Black is a popular colour for stoves however many stoves come in a range of colours, (Clearview stoves for example can be ordered in one of any 7 different shades). Look at your interior,what colour would be most suited to or bring out the best in your surroundings? Sometimes classic black is the answer, sometimes you can afford to have a bit more fun!

If we can help at all just let us know and stayed tuned for further updates.